Our Seminarians

Deacon Luis Silva

Theology IVOur Lady of Guadalupe

Kevin Panameño

Pastoral YearOur Lady of Angels

Matthew Breslin

Theology IIISt. Augustine

Robert Carolan

Theology IIISt. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Carmine Caruso

Theology IIIOur Lady Star of the Sea

Michael Daum

Theology IIIOL of Assumption/St Mary Star of the Sea

Steven Gonzalez

Theology IIISt. Lucy

Savio Paul

Theology IIISt. Anthony

Wesbee Victor

Theology IIISt. Catherine of Genoa

Collins Ashu

Theology IISt. Lucy

Anthony Barranco, Jr.

Theology IISt. Peter/St. Denis

Danny Dilone

Theology IISt. Philip Neri

Carlos Germosen

Theology IISt. Peter/St. Denis

Jonathan Castro

Pastoral YearOL Queen of Martyrs

David Birkdale

Theology ISt. Benedicts

Vincent Castaldi

Theology ISt. Frances de Chantal

Viktor Gjergji

Theology ISt. Lucy

Vasel Gjonlekaj

Theology IOur Lady of Shkodra

William Mendoza

Theology ISt. Columbanus

Jozef Ukaj

Theology ISt. Ann

Paul Kucharski

Pastoral YearSt. Barnabas

Michael Coleman

Pre-Theology 2St. Margaret of Antioch

Kevin Noyola

Pre-Theology 2St. Joseph of the Holy Family

Aaron Jason Salvan

Pre-Theology 2St. Anthony

Joseph Haas

Pre-Theology 1St. Mary

Livinus Idag

Pre-Theology 1Holy Family

John Ippolito

Pre-Theology 1St. Joseph/St. Thomas/St. John Neumann

Anthony Maxson

Pre-Theology 1St. Marianne Cope

Ryan O’Connor

Pre-Theology 1Blessed Sacrament

Victor Moreno-Vejar

College 4Sacred Heart

Raymond Bartolotti

College 3St. Augustine

Paul Pleho

College 3Holy Innocents

Brandon Guizar

College 2St. Gabriel/St. Joseph

Jack Kristensen

College 2St. Lawrence O'Toole

Ian Mendoza

College 2St. Columbanus

Diego Saenz

College 1St. Joachim/St. John the Evangelist