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“I was about 6 years old and serving one of my first Masses with my uncle, Fr. Packy, at the shrine of St. Anne de Beaupré in Montreal, Canada. I remember the care and love he showed in saying Mass. He loved being a priest and he loved sharing that with me.
It took me 26 years later to realize that God wanted me as one of His Priests. My uncle never told me to be a priest. He just led by example of what it was "to be a priest." Over those 26 years I thought about being a priest, but I was embarrassed to speak to anyone about this vocation. I was caught up in the peer pressure of the times. I played CYO basketball, had a paper delivery job, played soccer on the weekends, and hung out with the boys in the neighborhood. Nobody would ever speak about being a priest.

I went to Xavier High School and on to Providence College. Dating was fun, but there was always something missing. I eventually worked for 10 years on Wall Street and enjoyed the fast pace excitement and the people I worked with. But the memory of kneeling and watching my uncle at that altar in Canada kept coming back to me. I am a priest 3 years now and I love every moment of the ministry. I am reliving what my uncle did. I pray that more men will have the courage to come forward and stand at the altar of God as one of His priests."

Name:   Fr. Patrick Buckley
Age:   45
Hometown:   Manhattan, NY
Ordained:   2004
Parish:   St. Teresa of the Infant Jesus on Staten Island
What do you love about being a priest?:   Being present to the people as a priest. It's never a dull day. You're there with the people: from a couple who just had a baby to being at the school basketball game, or going from a marriage to then anointing someone who is dying.
Why did you become a priest?:   Because I believe that that is what God wanted me to do and I am happy doing it. I wanted to say Mass, be with the people and bring them the sacraments.
Interests:   Soccer (playing and refereeing) and traveling (Ireland, Europe)
Favorite Movies:   Gladiator, Jaws
Favorite Books:   The Hunt for Red October, Sons and Lovers
Favorite Quote::   "Three things and we'll get through this: Stay with me, hold
the line... "
Russell Crowe in Gladiator
"Follow me - if it is good enough for the apostles, it is good enough for me!"
Photo courtesy of Chris Sheridan

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